Running on Empty 

“Jonice Webb has written a terrific book about what you didn’t get in childhood.  What wasn’t there that should have been: guidance, attunement; in some cases, love.  The damage caused by Emotional Neglect and what to do to heal it are the subjects of this exciting, readable, and potentially life-changing work.”

–Terrence Real, Internationally known family therapist and best-selling author; regular contributor on Good Morning America and ABC News

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“After reading so many books on childhood trauma to come to terms with my own experiences, I was blown away by Running on Empty! It seems that while the others gave insights into the neglect and abuse, this book brought it all into sharp focus.”

Reader’s Comment posted on the CEN Sharing Page Aug. 19, 2015

During  20 years of practicing psychology, I started to notice an “invisible factor” from childhood which weighs upon people in adulthood, sapping their joy, making them feel disconnected or unfulfilled, or causing them to struggle with self-discipline.  I call it Emotional Neglect.

First, I saw it in my psychology clients.  Then, the circle widened, and I began to see it in the people all around me: at the grocery store, the mall, and even on reality TV shows.  This factor from childhood is so subtle that it goes virtually unnoticed by everyone while it does its silent damage to people’s lives.

As I became aware of the full power and prevalence of Emotional Neglect, I felt compelled to drag it out of the darkness and into the light; to help people to see how it effects them, and to give them the tools to fix it.

So I wrote a book.  It’s called Running on Empty:  Overcome Your Childhood Emotional Neglect.  It was released on October 1, 2012.  This is the first book written about Emotional Neglect.

In Running on Empty, I talk about the twelve types of parents who inadvertently emotionally neglect their children, and the ten issues that emotionally neglected children struggle with as adults.  I offer six clear strategies for how to overcome Emotional Neglect.  I also include a chapter for mental health professionals, who often struggle to help their clients with this previously unnamed issue.

I hope that Running on Empty will make people aware of the concept of Emotional Neglect so that they can see it in themselves and others, have the words to talk about it, and ensure that they don’t unwittingly pass it down to their own children.

But my biggest goal is to help the large number of people who are struggling in silence, wondering what is wrong with them.  To give them answers, and the tools to fix their Emotional Neglect.

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